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Axial Bomber 2.0 and Team Associated DR10 Upgrades - And I Bought A 1:1 Jeep Rubicon

Couple of updates following the CCxRC livestream on YouTube last night. Had a few upgrades to get to. Hear about them here and why I did. 

New Street Eliminator, Monster Truck, and Crawler RC Bodies (and Tires?) From JConcepts and Pro-Line.

It was a week of new RC bodies! JConcepts announced the 1987 Buick Grand National street eliminator and Junior Mortician monster truck bodies, while also teasing some new tires in the background of their video.  Pro-line dropped the 70's Rock Van body that looks like an old Dodge/Plymouth van.  They also introduced some new tough-color bodies for their '69 Nova Street eliminator, '66 f100 Stampede body,  and '46 Power Wagon.   

Team Associated DR10 & 5th Scale RC Monster Truck Backyard Track Build

Because I'm not popping them out as quick as I used to (until tomorrow hopefully when my Rodecaster Pro returns from repairs) I've got a lot to talk about. We'll be covering the new Team Associated DR10, my Slash Street Eliminator build, 5th scale monster truck track I'm building in my backyard, and more.  Hope you enjoy it and are doing well. 

SMT10 Raw Builders Kit Almost Done, RC Monster Truck Drag Racing, ARRMA Typhon 6s and so much more.

This podcast is a huge update and brain dump about all things CCxRC. Here's some of the things I'll be discussing: 

  • SMT10 Build
  • SCX10iii to build
  • Tamiya Clod Buster Black Edition To Buy
  • Team Associated DR10 Drag Car is finally hitting stores
  • RC Monster Truck Drag Racing? Hippies Monster Drags does it, but should we be doing grudge races?
  • ARRMA Typhon 6s BLX
  • Kyosho Mini-z Toyota 4-runner and Stackable Terrain. Is the stackable terrain really $75 for recycled cardboard shaped like terrain?
  • Which of my RC cars would I get rid of and what would I keep? Don't know where this came from
  • Primal RC suspension updates. 
  • BMXer mad at RCers for using "their" jumps that are in a public park. 


YouTube RC MT Freestyle Competition, SMT10 RAW Builder’s Kit, Yeti Jr Can Am Goes Grave Digger Speedster and More

I'm back. Sorry for the break I took as we got used to the the new world of everyone being home all the time. Because of the delay, I have several things to cover: 

Kevin Talbot's YouTuber RC Monster Truck Freestyle Competition

SMT10 RAW Builder's Kit build series

Axial Yeti JR Can AM getting a new Grave Digger body painted by Darkside Designs. 

House Projects and more


NEW Axial SCX10iii Jeep Rubicon Kit and My Fake RC News Problem

Today is an exciting day. Axial was set to have a 15 year anniversary Celebration, but it was cancelled due to COVID-19. They did, however, just unveil a new SCX10iii. And as I write this description, Axial now had more info and photos on their site...and Scale Build's Guild just dropped a super detailed video worth watching. He also added a 3D printed head that looks like him and it's pretty amazing. So that's a cool option vs. my request to remove the driver to put in other figures. Anyway, it looks awesome and for $369 for the kit, I know I'll be ordering one. 

 Check it out here. http://bit.ly/SCX10iii

Camping Weekend With Axial RCs, Retro Monster Truck Race With No Limit RC of VA, COVID-19 Impact,

It was a bit of an Axial weekend. My family and I went camping with my mom locally for her birthday. I knew the campground was going to be busy, but has a small beach that my boys like to build sandcastles on. We decided to bring our Axial Yeti Jr. Can-Am Maverick 1/18 scale UTV to race on the beach. 

I also had an RC Monster Truck Race on Saturday afternoon that I planned to attend to race the retro class and new I could stop in at our Virginia Beach HobbyTown to get another Axial Yeti Jr. Can-am so we could drag race them on the beach...which I did. 

The retro race was fun and pretty much a straight up drag race with obstacles.  I TQ'd one truck, but blew it in both of my races. 

I came back to the campground and we bashed and raced the Yeti Jrs on the beach. Made a fun video of it ifor YouTube.  

When the beach was completely empty, I did pull out my ARRMA Kraton 4s and ripped it up and down the beach. I don't normally have that much room to really get up speed like that. It is wicked. 

When we got home, my youngest son and I ran the Losi Mini-T 2.0 for a little bit in the front yard. I turned the Hobbywing ESCs punch up and it's really snappy and fun now.  

Thanks for tuning in!

Axial SCX24 Chevrolet C10, Hobbytown VA, CCxRC Micro Course, Coronavirus, Kyosho Mini-Z 4Runner, and more.

This podcast goes wherever my brain wanted to and is brought to you by the sounds Uh and Um. 

I start out talking about the new Axial SCX24 Chevrolet C10 trucks and questioning the colors they say they are. 

Then talk about what I do for work. 

Then go back to the SCX24 lineup. Haha. What can I say, I like to tangent. 

Eventually I talk about the potential impact of the coronavirus on the hobby. 

At some point I do talk about my new Micro Crawler Course.

Should I get a Kyosho Mini-Z 4runner? Change my mind. Why AAA batteries?

Abrupt finish. 


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RC Profile: A Chat With Big Squid’s “Everybody’s Scalin” Writer, Jeremy Griffith.

Today on While My Batteries Charge, I have Jeremy Griffith–you may know him from his Everybody's Scalin' column on Big Squid RC. He's on to talk about his RC History, how to convince your wife to let you build a backyard track, how he got hooked up with Big Squid and more. I really enjoyed hearing his backstory. He'll definitely be back to talk more about current events and where he sees the hobby going this year.  

Is A New Traxxas Coming? Does Redcat Have An SMT In The Works? Q&A and RC Drag Racing

Today's podcast meanders all over the RC spektrum from rumors about Traxxas and Redcat to talk about RC Drag Racing. None of these are topics I'm super-versed in, but I take a stab at it anyway because it interests me right now. You want in-the-know Drag info, check out Tim Smith's "TSR Speed Shop Podcast" or watch RC Drag Talk. 

But I am building a 2WD Slash/Bandit based Street Eliminator and have a Team Associated DR10 on pre-order. 

I've heard rumblings that Traxxas has a new product announcement to make soon. I can't fully verify it yet, but it's still fun to speculate about what it might be.  Will it utilize the new 4s system they put in the Maxx? Will it be a 1/5th scale Slash or E-revo? Maybe a 1/24th scale TRX4? 

The same speculations are happening about Redcat on the heels of their latest announcement of the Windego. Will those axles be used for an updated SMT?  Let's talk about that. 

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