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Losi LMT Mud Trucks: King Sling & Bog Hog

I had the privilege of working on the Losi shoot for the LMT Mud Trucks last month and have some fun behind the scenes stories to share. Join Jeremy and I as we talk about our experience making the video. 

New ARRMA Outcast 4s, RC’ing With The Andersons, and Great Lakes Gauntlet

Got a couple topics to cover in this one. I just got back from a trip to Virginia. I had a shoot with a non-profit client for an upcoming video series, and reached out to Ryan about doing the livestream with him last week. I also got the new ARRMA Outcast 4s–which is amazing! The final topic was the Great Lakes Guantlet event coming up in Michigan September 16-17.  Hope you enjoy it. 

RCs Big & Small! From Primal RC Monster Truck To FCX24

This episode covers a wide size of topics from my 1/5 scale Primal RC Monster Truck down to the 1/24 scale Axial SCX24 and FMS FCX24

Axialfest Badlands 2022 - The Best Badlands Yet!

Axialfest Badlands 2022 was off the hook! I'm so glad I was able to make it–even if it was only for a day and a half. Definitely was the best one yet and very well attended. The trails were laid out really well, the events I saw were well run and well attended (I didn't get to see TTC and the Concourse). They gave away tons of cool prizes and the trophies for the events were awesome. The best part is always the people...and there were a lot of them there. Very fun to meet up with old friends and make new ones. The $10k donation that Horizon made to Operation 11 Charlie was also amazing to see. Hope you enjoy the podcast. I have a couple more videos to come from the event.

Make a Donation to Operation 11 Charlie: https://bit.ly/3Ae6HqU

Operation 11 Charlie website: https://www.o11c.org/


Links to RCs I Took To Axialfest:

Axial SCX6: https://bit.ly/AxialSCX6

Axial SCX24: https://bit.ly/3kMFTFu

CCxRC babyGOLIATH Motor: https://bit.ly/babyGOLIATH

Axial SCX10 RCs: https://bit.ly/3ns1C6J

Axial Ryft: https://bit.ly/3QY8eqX

#axialfest #axial #rc #rctruck #ccxrc

Instagram RC Video Intellectual Property Rights Rant

As someone who has as Masters Degree in Communication Arts, this is a really frustrating problem for me. The frustration really lies with the companies that allow intellectual property rights to be so blatantly infringed upon, make it hard to report/remove, and continue pay people who do it because they want people interacting with the app regardless what keeps them there. It is maddening to spend the time and money I do only to have people invest nothing, but grab my best content and other creators' best content and re-post it to grow their channel that has nothing original and make money off our investment. Youtube is good about fighting it. Instagram and Facebook let it flourish.

RC Monster Jam World Finals Recap

I have a lot to say about the RC Monster Jam World Finals. Some about the racing and freestyle, but mostly about the experience. What an amazing event they put on for the pit party. 

The Losi LMT proved how impressive it is as an RTR RC Monster Truck Platform this weekend. If you are looking to get started in solid axle RC monster trucks, this is a proven way to start. 

Check out the Losi LMT at Horizon Hobby: https://bit.ly/3mNmW6y

Learning From My Big Mistake…and Fixing It

When it comes to the RC Hobby, we all make mistakes along the way. Don't let it get you down. Learn from it and move on. My mistake was pretty big and during a time when I needed to be getting things ready for a big race. Instead...I had to tear down the truck and repair it.  Lesson learned. What RC Mistakes have you made that you've learned from. 

Spring Trifecta Race At Freestyle RC Raceway

Lots to talk about in this episode and I don't even talk about some of the cool new RCs coming. I'll have to have another episode about that. This is episode is about my trip to Freestyle RC Raceway for their Spring Trifecta, the CCxRC Mighty Handy Tool selling out in under 24 hours, more CCxRC products coming, upgrading the SCX24 Bronco so it doesn't tip over so easily, and more.  

Axial Takes The SCX24 To The Next Level With The Hard Body Bronco

Axial's new SCX24 Bronco just hit store shelves and I was able to get my hands on one...errrr...three. 

The mini RC game is really stepping up and my boys and I have fully jumped in. 

You can check out the CCxRC line of hopups for the SCX24 here: https://www.ccxrc.com/

Get a new Axial SXC24 Bronco here: https://bit.ly/3udNu5i

Furitek Rampart Mini RC Monster Truck Kit

First, I want to thank Dana Surrette for telling me to keep up the podcast last night, because it reminded me that I had recorded this episode earlier this week. I've been working with custom-made mini RC monster trucks for the past year and now have the new Furitek Rampart kit in hand. It's a thing of beauty. 

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