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ARRMA Fireteam Release and Monster Truck Wars RC Intermission

In this episode I discuss the new ARRMA Fireteam release and why I think it is one of ARRMA's best RCs. Then I switch gears to talk about the Monster Truck Wars show that we did an RC intermission for.  

Check out my article on the ARRMA Fireteam at CCxRC.com

2022 Started Big with a new Primal RC MT V3 Announcement. New Furitek Scythe Build With Mofo RC Parts

2022 is starting off big with the new Primal RC Raminator V3 announcement and a new C10 Mega Truck. But I'm also liking the small side of things and just finished a Furitek Scythe build with Mofo RC SCX24 upgrade parts. We'll talk about that and more. 

New Traxxas Maxx, More Micro Monster Trucks Coming, More Crawling on CCxRC in 2022

It's been a few weeks since the last podcast, so I've got a bit of a brain dump on this one. Lots coming for 2022.

What do I think of the new Traxxas Maxx with Widemaxx. My comments are pretty positive on it. I like it.  


Mofo RC and Furitek RC have some interesting new products coming for the micro RC enthusiasts. 



Talking RC Crawler History With Josh Thiede from Harley Designs & Vanquish Products

Unless you've been living under a rock big enough for a SCX6 to crawl over, you've heard of Josh from Harley Designs. His channel is immensely popular and his weekly Scale News Update shows keeps up-to-date with all the current releases and announcements from the industry.


I asked him to come on so we could talk about how he got started in RC and how he found full-time employment in the industy.  

Harley Designs YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiAOfMDwKjLhFglk0HTM6Hw

Vanquish Products Website: https://www.vanquishproducts.com/


Old Time RC Vacuum Former to Make RC Bodies & Q&A

I’m so excited about my Vacucu3D Vacuum forming machine I bought from oldtimerc.com

After I ordered it, they reached out to me and we started a dialogue. They have given me a 10% off code for me to share with you. 

to get the discount, use: ccxrc10 

Talking RC Monster Trucks With Justin From Big Merica RC

In this episode of the While My Batteries Charge Podcast, Justin Eglitis of Big 'Merica RC joins me to talk about RC Monster Trucks. Justin's RC Monster Truck videos are very popular and stand out from other videos as he adds real monster truck engine sounds to them to add realism. He's also very good at driving them and creating new tricks for the rest of us to try to keep up with.


Check him out: https://www.instagram.com/bigmerica_rc/

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@bigmerica_rc

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8jDvWyQ27INnRYb7bwOcHQ


Talking Paint With RC Patina Guy

Today's guest is Eric Padilla from RC Patina Guy. He creates some of the baddest paint jobs of rusted out and patina'd beauties. Since I like things a bit grungy, I love his work. Be sure to check it out for yourself at his website, instagram and Facebook. 


RC Patina Guy links: 

Website: https://www.rcpatinaguy.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rcpatinaguyLLC/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rcpatinaguy/


In Illinois to Race RC Monster Trucks at the HBR Classic

This is a quick update from the road. I'm currently in my hotel room waiting for the race tomorrow. I didn't have much time after my move to get anything ready for this specific race, but I'm here to meet people, have fun, and do the best I can with the trucks I brought. 

1:24 Scale Micro RC Monster Trucks Are All The Rage…But You Have To Build It

I know that many of you have been working customizing 1/24 scale crawlers and converting them into Micro Monster Trucks. This Southwest Monster Shop Tiny Titan is a step toward making it easier. One problem I've encountered and fielded many questions about is how to make them faster. There are ways, but it hasn't been easy to figure out what motor mounts, pinions, spur gears, etc to use. Hopefully this list will help clear it up. I don't take credit for it. I sourced it from Michael MacKenzie who worked with Ernie at Southwest Monster Shop on testing his Tiny Titan chassis. He complied a list of parts and I've used that as the base for my list.


Start with an Axial SCX24: https://bit.ly/SCX24-67C10

Parts You Need:

Other Chassis Options:


Other Servo Options:

The extra hop-ups I did in my build:

Follow Southwest Monster Shop on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SWMSesalas


New ARRMA All-Road RCs, Vanquish Phoenix Portal, and Your Questions Answered

It was quite a week for new releases in the RC world. Let's talk about that and more. 

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