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Talking RC w/ Todd From The RC Element

Today we are joined on the podcast by Todd from The RC Element. If you consume RC media, you’ve more than likely come across and subscribed to Todd’s channels.  He’s really down to earth and has an impressive collection of RC cars, trucks, planes, boast, heli….well just about everything RC. 


We chat about how he got into the hobby, his first plane, his favorite RCs and more. Enjoy!


If you somehow have been living under a rock and aren’t yet subscribed to The RC Element, here are some links to remove the blinders from your eyes.


The RC Element pages

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMuQ_jJMxVYuqpRFURRCofA

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the_rc_element/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheRCElement/

Podcast: https://thercelement.podbean.com/

New CCxRC Xtras Channel & My Redcat Gen8 V2 Update

In this 7th episode of season 2 on the While My Batteries Charge podcast I’ll be talking about my RC Monster Truck Backflip Ramps Video, the new CCxRC Xtras Channel and the Redcat Gen8 V2 Scout ii build I’ve been working on. Should be a good time.

Here are the links I said I’d provide:

CCxRC Xtras Channel: https://bit.ly/CCxRC_Xtras

Backflip Ramp Video: https://youtu.be/wjxauU67cq0

Backflip Ramp Plans: https://bit.ly/CCxRC-RCMT-Ramps

Redcat Gen8 V2: https://bit.ly/Gen8V2​

Beadlock Rims used in this video: https://amzn.to/3jBeg0x​ KYX

Gen8 Bumper: https://amzn.to/3p8lLx0

My Notes for the show:

DIY Backflip Ramps


CCxRC Xtras - what it is

-Livestreams by invite and topic

-not for takeover and showoff everything.

-not for anyone under 18

-it’s a conversation… Gen8 Build from Bitgo Hobby

-Reefs RC triple 5 Servo

-KYX Bumper

-wicked no name $45 amazon wheels

-Nitro Hobbies Creeper Crawler 16T 5 slot

-Hobbywing Quicrun 1080 esc with BEC now at 7.4v -RC4WD Warn Winch

-Winch Controller -Herculiner top -Spektrum SR515 receiver

Talking USTE With Everybody’s Scalin’ Columnist, Jeremy Griffith of Big Squid RC

In today's episode, Jeremy Griffith, who writes Big Squid's Everybody's Scalin' column, joins us to talk about USTE. He's been multiple times and gets me even more amped about the trip down. We talk trucks, Deloreans, semi trucks, and more during this RC chat. I tend to get us off-topic a lot, probably because we don't get to talk to each other enough.  


Hope you Enjoy it. 

Thanks to Jeremy for taking time out of his night to sit down and chat. 


RC Videos: Perception Vs Reality UNPACKED

On today's episode I unpack my latest video that may have been a little bit of clickbait in the titling...but it was also the reality of the video. I started the video showing a really cinematic and peaceful run with my Axial SCX24, then show what the reality of the filming was like....demolition derby.  While the video was meant to only be the slow motion peaceful look, I decided it was too funny not to show the reality of it. This funny video does bring up an important thing to think about though....perception vs reality. What we perceive when we watch a video vs the reality of what it was actually like in person.  Let's talk about that. 

Preparing For USTE 2021 - Axial SCX10iii Tested And Ready

I made a last minute decision to attend USTE 2021 and am behind the 8-ball as none of my crawlers are ready to go. I just fixed up my Axial SCX10iii after having a bunch of issues with the electronics. It's performing well now.  

Building A Bulletproof LMT - Installed Treal 7075 Billet Axles

In my attempt to make the LMT a bulletproof freestyle truck, I've bought the Treal 7075 Billet Aluminum axle housings. Yes it adds a little weight, but it's not as significant as you might think. It's about 6-7oz heavier, but tons stronger. I've already bashed with it and know that it will transfer the break point, but that break point is much higher now.  I'm ok with that trade off.  

NOTE: I mentioned the front axle installation problem...it's not 5 degree toe in on the front axle...it 5 degrees of Castor.  I'm an idiot sometimes...most of the time actually. 

2021 Focus: More Custom Builds and Less Buying Every New RC

Packing a lot into this podcast, including an off-topic ending...not sure how I ended up there.  I just bought a new John Deere 1025r tractor with front-end loader and backhoe so I can continually change my backyard RC playground. I'm trying to go big for 2021, but this will also mean some changes to the format of the CCxRC channel. I won't have the money to constantly buy every new RC to review. Instead, I'll be working on some custom RCs that I already have most of the parts for.  Hopefully I can keep costs down, but make CCxRC more entertaining than ever.  

Hello 2021, I Am Ready For More RC Action While My Batteries Charge!

The first year of podcasting is in the books! Here's to 2021! My CCxRC brand has now been making what I call "RC Entertainment For The Masses" for 7 years.  Boy did that go quick and I can't believe how much I have learned during those 7 years. I get to talking about that after a pretty lengthy detour about why I didn't do more podcasts at the end of December, which morphed into videos I still need to do (which goes into Venom and Spektrum talk), then I tangent to the LMT coming soon, the LMT and then get back on track about where I wanted to go....down memory lane.  


Thanks for tuning in. Lots to come in the new year. 

New ARRMAs Teased for 2021: Interview With Founder Jason Dearden

I had the opportunity to interview ARRMA's founder Jason Dearden and he dropped a few little bombshells about what we can expect from the company in 2021! I was curious if the Mojave was still his favorite ARRMA since there had been a few new releases and refreshes in 2020 and his answer caught me by surprise. Apparently, his favorite ARRMA vehicle isn't release yet.


That sets the bar pretty high for some awesome releases from them in 2021. We touch on a lot in this podcast from COVIDs impact on manufacturing, while also really driving a spike in sales. Navigating through product releases and problems that can arise. I really do respect that he is on the frontlines in the groups trying to listen and helps us solve problems. You'll hear how they respond and the amount of work they go through to try to improve things. It's not as simple as we think. Let me know what you think in the comments down below. Here's to 2021!

Too Many RC Topics For A Good Title. Redcat, JConcepts, Monster Truck Racing and more.

Boy oh boy is this an overpacked podcast. In this episode I try to talk about too many things to come up with a good title. I jump from talking about the Redcat Kaiju and Gen8 V2, to winning monster truck races, then racing 2wd buggy at Coastal RC, the end of RC Conspiracies as we know it, the RC Amigos Sleigh Smash, and new products from JConcepts.  Here are links I said I'd give in the episode. 



Visit Bitgo Hobby: https://bit.ly/bitgohobby

Redcat Gen8 V2: https://bit.ly/Gen8V2

Redcat Kaiju: https://bit.ly/RC-Kaiju



RC Amigos Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rc_amigos/



Coastal RC Indoor Speedway: https://coastalrcspeedway.com/

TRL 22 5.0 AC 2WD Buggy: https://bit.ly/TLR22-5AC

Losi LMT RTR Grave Digger or Son-uva Digger:  https://bit.ly/LosiLMT




USA-1 K10 edition body: https://bit.ly/1970USA-1

Rollbar: https://bit.ly/USA1-Rollbar

Lightbar: https://bit.ly/USA1-lightbar

Regulator Axles: https://bit.ly/Regulator-Axles

Regulator Chassis: https://bit.ly/JC_Regulator

Regulator BTA Steering: https://bit.ly/JC_ServoMt



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